There is an amazing phenomenon that takes place every 4-5 years in Los Cabos Mexico. This phenomenon occurs when the tide recedes just enough to create a sandy beach around Los Cabos’ most famous landmark, El Arco (Lands End Arch).

Local Urban Legend

Some locals feel it is an urban legend that every 4-5 years comes this phenomenon that pulls a lot of sand from the ocean and creates this beautiful scene around the arch.  This beautiful sandy beach surrounds the arch for several weeks.

Magical Location of El Arco

El Arco is positioned at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  El Arco is a spectacular natural arch rock formation that attracts thousands of tourists each year. The arch is normally completely surrounded by water. Tourists who are currently enjoying their vacation is sunny Cabo are fortunate to see this phenomenon taking place right now.  Our Cabo Sails guests who are enjoying sailing and snorkeling tours are excited to have the opportunity to see this phenomenon up close from their very own private sailboat.

Sand suddenly under the Cabo San Lucas arch